International Food Safety Institute (IFSI)
IFSI builds Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) quality food safety
programs, conducts various food safety audits and provides training to the
food industry.  The above programs based in
CODEX Alimentarius and
properly constituted international bodies formed to develop and certify food
handling and growing standards.
IFSI has chosen to operate within the standards of the international
community rather than those of conventional second and third party
privately held for profit companies. The standards used by IFSI are based
strictly on scientific, regulatory and industry validated – based research.
This approach maintains the robustness of the IFSI quality system. The
schemes which support this concept are under the scope of GFSI (Global
Food Safety Initiative) that includes such quality programs as SQF and
IFSI is one of the very few international organizations which operate a true
quality system thereby providing the client with an accurate and non-biased
assessment in accordance with a validated international standards body. In
the spirit of a true non-biased approach, IFSI prefers the customer of the
supplier order the audit and pay its costs.
IFSI is a transparent company, all records and proceedings with exception
of proprietary client records are open to the public for inspection. Please
call for an appointment so that we may properly facilitate your request.
Ph: (715) 723-4915
Fax: (715) 723-4956
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