Training Programs
IFSI offers a number of on-site, your site or individual training programs. IFSI training programs are
developed by industry experts who have had significant experience at the University level teaching and
training in their given field of expertise.  Each class carries with it Continuing Education Credits and is
recognized in its field for being the leader in training and education.

IFSI also offers individual instruction in a variety of subjects customized to your individual needs or
those of your organization.

IFSI offers most of its programs in languages of Spanish, Chinese and others at request.  Please ask one
of our associates for assistance.
Individual Certification
Course Descriptions
Specific Program Development Shorts
(Normally offered in packages on site at
the request of organizations)
HACCP Development
Training Programs
Good Agricultural Programs
Agricultural HACCP Training Program
Sustainable Farming Program
Harvesting Training Program
How to Become Organic –
Training Class
Become a Certified QA Supervisor
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