Inspection Assistance
(Food Safety or Agricultural Program Development and Inspection Assistance)
IFSI offers assistance writing, developing, training and auditing new or existing food safety programs.  
This is a critical asset to a new or beginning grower or processor that needs an essential second or third
party inspection by FPA, A
IB, ASI, PRIMUS or Silliker and does not possess a quality assurance
individual who is familiar with a new third party company or audit program.

IFSI will determine what kind of food safety program you need, which inspection company you desire to
use and how soon you need the inspection.  It will develop the program in its entirety or just the portions
required.  IFSI will assess where the program shortfalls are according to the audit company’s inspection
standards and bring these up to their requirements.
IFSI will do whatever is necessary to assist the processor or grower to get ready for the inspection
and successfully passing it.  IFSI has an exceptionally superior track record getting organizations
ready and passing all second and third party inspections. 
IFSI can also develop individual programs such as sanitation, maintenance or microbiological to name a
few, to meet the needs of the organization, the customer or industry.
IFSI also provides customized programs to assist new QA’s, QA positions in transition and the training
of QA’s.
IFSI also can troubleshoot your food safety program and let you know how it compares with the FDA,
USDA or any 2nd of 3rd party standard.  This is a free service to the client – there are no strings
In all of the above scenarios IFSI provides a time and cost letter.  IFSI has the most affordable and
productive programs in the industry.  Our rates are the most reasonable in the entire industry.
One of the most successful programs is our Chemical and Laboratory Program where through a
combination of both or one or the other, the food safety programs mentioned in this section can
be without any fees what so ever.  This program is a true asset to the new or beginning processor
on a limited budget.
The following audit company standards are common in the industry that IFSI is able to assist with
preparation and successfully passing:
    •        FPA
    •        AIB
    •        ASIU
    •        PRIMUS
    •        SYSCO Foods
    •        U.S. Foods
    •        Marriott Hotels
    •        USDA and USDA QTV
    •        FDA
    •        Scientific Certification Systems or NutraClean
    •        Many others

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